The 2020 Oscars - Are we what we watch?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Welcome to the first post of "Lydia's League of Angels" When Women Lead. The topics are derived from my stories to screen series, an effort to change the world for women and children. Learn more at and let me know if you are interested in becoming an ambassador for change.

I remember when it was a treat to go to the movies with my parents because funds were limited. In the 1960's there were many family films to choose from. Have you seen these oldies but goodies, you can watch as a family - 60's-70's - Gone with the Wind, Born Free, Polyanna, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, The Nutty Professor and the Love Bug? Call me old fashioned, but where have those family friendly movies gone? One of my fondest memories was watching Gone with the Wind at the movies. When tragedy struck the main characters family, I was horrified, tucked my head in my fathers chest and cried. He reminded me it was only a movie and we talked a great deal afterwards. He and Mom thought long and hard about what we watched from that day forward. It was as though they had an ah ha moment, "What our children watch really effects them and they didn't want to see us upset." Also, once a year "The Wizard of Oz" aired and the entire family got the popcorn and sat glued to the TV. Ask yourself, what else has been produced that is magical and timeless as Dorothy, Toto and her sidekicks? Most recently, "Doolittle" with Robert Downey Jr. produced by his wife, their production company, was amazing. I think it can become a classic, it's for everyone and has a wonderful message!

I realize times have changed and I'm progressive in my thinking as an educator, writer and social justice advocate. I question what we have left behind in the name of progress when it comes to the visual and dialogue messages we are sending?

I wonder; "are we what we watch?" Maybe it's time to return to a kinder, gentler, compassionate, fun-loving, you get the idea-experience on the big screen or television. I realize Disney is bringing animated favorites to the screen with "real people" and I am looking forward to "Mulan." If they stay true to the message, it will be one of the greatest.

Don't get me wrong, I love thrillers, car chases, fight scenes, romance, exciting visuals and fantasies. But I don't believe the foul language, machine guns, blood and guts is necessary. The Marvel Universe did a great job with Thor, there was comic relief in the dialog and it was fun, not so end of the world serious. Another concern of mine is how the elderly popluation is overlooked. This generation was not subject to offensive happenings on the screen, what do they go to the movies to see without being offended?

SUGGESTION-Pay close attention to what your children and teenagers are watching. It's so hard to do with everything at their fingertips. Just because it was something from the past we thought was tame enough, doesn't mean it hasn't changed, in a danerous way. I hope I don't sound like a prude, but if the show doesn't check the boxes of what you want your child - teenager to mimic and become- maybe shut it down. Easier said than done, but investigate then communicate, it's the best time you will spend regarding your childs future. If they don't watch, feature films and TV might listen and lead with social justice in a bold and edgy way that stimulates our children to ask thoughtful questions and do something good for themselves and others. You might want to check out Pureflix also.

My pick for the Oscars, "Little Women and Harriett" I have not seen "Parasite" but plan to watch.

What are you, your children, teenagers watching and why? What would you like to see more of?

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