Lydia's League of Angels

It's 1960 when four ordinary women must;

become extraordinary warriors, join an army of angels, fight evil and eradicate sex crimes by 2060

to save the female gender from extinction.

                                                             A note from author S.G. Savage:

While sex crimes are horrific, my stories shed light on dark subjects by celebrating; 

love, faith, victory over being victimized and demonstrating the capacity ordinary women have to become extraordinary warriors.  You will also visit a believable world of angels and demons,  celestially and immersed within our world as humans.   NO graphic scenes are portrayed.

 Lu's Liberation 1960

 Lula Sophia, "Lu" is a naive country girl, the descendant of an ancient heroine, who must choose; her dream to become a singer or

join a league of angels to fight the evil of modern day slavery.

Suddenly, the lives of everyone she holds dear are at risk, along with innocent women, who are threatened by unimaginable evil. At a time when women began to rally for feminism, Lu never considered herself the weaker sex. She approaches angels and demons in a believable manner, leading us to believe they influence the world around us.

Lu must find the root of the evil and pave the way for future generations to finally eradicate sex crimes.

 Liddi's Labyrinth 1990

Liddi Grace's dream of becoming a

fashion designer just came true;

as the World Wide Web exploded on the scene, making young women

vulnerable to sexual

exploitation. Liddi, is the current day descendant, chosen to protect women and children from such crimes, she and the league of angels will confront crime like never before. Although fiction, Liddi's story is ripped from the headlines and makes us aware of the need to do more to prevent, protect and prosecute. Evil-doers see Liddi as a threat and they have something

horrific planned for her life. Can she prove it's best not to mess with a woman who has the DNA of an ancient heroine and a league of angels on her side?

     Jess's Justice 2022

Jesse Joanna, (Jess) is a piano prodigy

turned martial arts expert.

The angels said she embraced her mission in the womb.

Child predators will cease to exist,

if she doesn't go too far in the eyes of God and justice. 

She's determined to move the judicial system beyond; politics, religion and rhetoric. Her mother begged her not to get ahead of the angels, but Jess adopts an alter ego, "The Purple Shadow" and forges ahead, vigilant style. Jess knows what's at stake and heaven help anyone who gets in her way! She may need to be saved from herself.

Jess's mother Liddi and grandmother Lu join her to fight another trio of descendants from the evilest Queen to live during Biblical times.

Prosecution of sex crimes is not

the only


 Eve's Evolution  2040

 Time is running out and Eve must ensure that according to God;

women and children  are now valued

and no  longer abused.

It's up to her to enforce the progress generations before her made against specific sex crimes then rid the world of orchestrated evil designed to attack women and children, even in a virtual world. Eve is surrounded  by demons, evil millionaires and  criminals who devour those she's destined to protect. She's a billionaire, tech  guru, and clairvoyant. Although at lethal weapon status, she prefers brains over muscle. The angels walk among her, but  will it be enough to guarantee the future of humanity?