Lydia of Thyatira

   It is time for her descendants to finish           what she started 2,000 years ago.

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                                                          A note from author S.G. Savage:

     The real life current day Saint, Lydia of Thyatira's legacy lives on as her descendants reveal the essence of spiritual, physically astute and wise women. To these modern day heroines, "normal" means to love God, Jesus and justice, their inspiration to move beyond empowering sisters and reconstruct the world on their behalf. 

     The heroines sixth sense regarding angels and demons portrays believable supernatural beings and their influence on people celestially and as transformed humans on earth.       

     While sex crimes are horrific*, my stories shed light on dark subjects by celebrating; love, faith, victory over being victimized and demonstrating the capacity ordinary women have to become extraordinary warriors.                                                *NO graphic scenes are portrayed.

                    Book 1 "Lydia's League of Angels" Book 2 sub title "Lu's Liberation"

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       Lula Sophia


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Lu's Story  1960 & 70's 

      Lu is a naive country girl and as the  youngest descendant of Lydia of Thyatira, she studied the stories in the ancient diaries about the women who came before her. She lacks the confidence of past descendants and struggles to embrace an unknown mission in which she must protect women and children from sex crimes.

     Lu longs to live a normal life with the man she loves and follow her dream of becoming a singer.

     Then angels and demons turn her world upside down as she discovers an underground organization responsible for modern day slavery.

     Suddenly, the lives of everyone she holds dear are at risk, along with innocent women, who are threatened by unimaginable evil. At a time when women began to rally for feminism, Lu realizes she is certainly not the weaker sex. 

     Lu must demonstrate faith over fear, rise to the cause and pave the way for future generations to eradicate sex crimes.


   Liddi's Story 1990 & 2000's 

     Liddi's dream of becoming a fashion designer just came true; as the World Wide Web exploded on to the scene, making young women 

vulnerable to sexual exploitation. As the current day descendant, she and the league of angels must confront crime like never before.

     Liddi will face the daughter of an ancient nemisis who constructs a diabolical plan designed to bestow the unimaginable upon her. Also, young love is lost and she must risk allowing her heart to lead, or lose the chance to ever love again. 

     Can Liddi prove it's best not to mess with a woman who has the DNA of an ancient heroine and a league of angels on her side? It is her time to reign over evil unless something horrific occurs and for the first time in 2,000 years, Lydia's descendant questions the Kingdom she belongs too.  Angels are not always present and miracles are not guaranteed. 

     Liddi's story is ripped from the headlines and makes us aware of the need to do more to prevent, protect and prosecute.

Liddi Grace

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Jesse JoAnna

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       Jess's  Story  2013 & 2020's

     Jess is a piano prodigy  and masters the highest form of martial arts. Her gift of music is of no interest to her, but could be the gateway to completing a successful mission.

     The angels said Jess embraced her mission  in the womb. She's convinced child predators will cease to exist by her efforts alone. Could she go too far in the eyes of God and justice? 

     Jess is determined to move the judicial system beyond; politics, religion and rhetoric. Her mother begs, "Do not get ahead of the angels."  Because Jess knows what is at stake, she adopts an alter ego, "The Purple Shadow," and forges ahead, vigilant style. Heaven help anyone who gets in her way! She may need to be saved from herself, boasting to the angels "they will never see me coming."  Refusing to listen to the angels guarantees being blind sided by demons. Her life is further complicated with a love triangle and feeling obligated to her autistic twin brother.

    Nothing compares to coming face to face with the  the descendant from the evilest Queen to live during Biblical times, and the root of all evil.

           Eve's Story 2040's & 2060

      Ensuring women and children are valued and honored, and that abuse is no longer tolerated falls on Eve's shoulders. 

     Eve and the angels must enforce the progress the generations of descendants before her made against sex crimes. Ridding the world of orchestrated evil designed to attack women and children, especially in a virtual world is their only option.

     Being surrounded  by demons, evil millionaires, and criminals who devour those she's destined to protect is her life. In addition to avoiding men who are not to be trusted due to her net worth. She's a billionaire, tech  guru, and born with purple eyes. Eve is also clairvoyant and a lethal weapon, who prefers brains over muscle. The angels walk amongst her, but  will it be enough to guarantee the future of humanity?

     She holds the secret, that in the year 2060 judgement will be upon us and the future of the female gender will be determined.

     Even if the world knew, how and what they could do to prevent the extinction of women, they would refuse to believe it.

Evie Amethyst

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