The Demon Dynasty answers to the descendants of Jezebel.

They disrupt Lydia's descendants lives and the people on earth as they hide amongst them as beautiful men and women. In celestial form they are gross, despicable creatures, dedicated to immersing  evil amongst humans

and detouring the angels fight for justice for women and children.

сова и крылья.png
горящий чел с крылья.png

Percy is the demon of persuasion. He empowers humans to delve into dark mannerisms with the goal of creating evil habits.

Ace is the demon of accidents and A.J.'s right hand demon. He masters horrific events in our heroines lives and deceives humans as he transforms

into a handsome man

on earth.

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с мечом.png
дама рогатая.png

Rip is the demonic dog. He utilizes creatures on earth to frighten humans and disrupt the angels feats on earth. He combats the angel dog Blanco.


A.J. (Athaliah Jezebel)

is the youngest descendant of Jezebel, the evilest Queen to live during Biblical times.

She reaks of evil and manipulates events in our first heroine, Lu's life, in unimaginable ways. 

Astrophy is the demon of catastrophies.

She thrives on using  the environment to cause destruction

in the lives of humans and to fight the angels.

Par is the demon of paranoia. She breeds worry, jealousy, mistrust, any ill thought to disrupt reasonable thinking in human beings.