Lydia's League of  Angels

Meet a mystical army of angels who influence world events, fight demons and protect women and children,  celestially and walking amongst  humans. 


Guardian and angel of prevention to Lydia's descendants. He's humble, God fearing and a fierce warrior as needed. He has a close relationship with each heroine.


As the angel Warrior Enforcer, he leads the league into battle and is the fiercest of all angels. He's mischevous and a great war strategist.


She's the angel of Miracles and upon God's demand enacts unimaginable feats, most certainly when prayer is lifted up, often when least expected.


Canine Angel, Great White Pyrenees, leads earth animals to do good and battles the demon dog. He's a gentle giant but ferocious warrior who protects the descendants celestially and on earth.


Min's special gift is mind reading and manipulation. She puts visions in descendants minds and assists Pree to  plan ahead when she gets inside humans minds. She influences other humans and demons also.