"Savage weaves a compelling story and brings to light the enormity and reality of this

evil that plagues our planet."   J. Howard        

    "S. G. Savage does a wonderful job of creating a sixth sense - that the

  reader can see beyond into the spiritual world and

 realize the war that is going on between  good and evil."   A. Brainard   

   " S.G. Savage is a wonderful writer and leaves the reader  

yearning for the next book in the series. Don’t wait for the

movie, it’s a must read now! I admire Savage and love that she is dedicated to contributing to organizations dedicated to fighting injustices against women and children."   Mary R.

 "The characters are real, the plot gripping, a real page-turner, and the main

character was someone you could truly believe in. We need more stories like this,

                           courageous, inspirational, and motivating!"  Nanette O'Neal 

                               A   Doorway Back to Forever: Believe.