Liddi's coming!

You will meet heroine #2 in the stand alone story. Experience what one woman and her league of angels will do to

abolish sexual exploitation..

Looking gorgeous must not make women sexual objects. Liddi will challenge the fashion industry and the worldwide web on devaluing women, making her a target for the evil determined to destroy the image and then the soul of women.


                                     "Savage weaves a compelling story and brings to light the enormity and reality of this evil that plagues our planet."   J. Howard


                                                                                               "S. G. Savage does a wonderful job of creating a sixth sense - that the

                                         reader can see beyond into the spiritual world and realize the war that is going on between  good and evil."   A. Brainard                                                                       

 " S.G. Savage is a wonderful writer and leaves the reader  yearning for the next book in the series. Don’t wait for the movie, it’s a must read now! I admire Savage and love that she is dedicated to contributing to organizations dedicated to fighting injustices against women and children."   Mary R.


                                                                                        "The characters are real, the plot gripping, a real page-turner, and the main character was someone
                                           you can truly believe in. We need more stories like this, courageous, inspirational, and motivating!" Nanette O'Neal