Storytelling is in my blood. My Appalachian heritage stimulated this desire and I                                                                       immersed it with my passion for improving the status of women and children                                                                         during  a 25-year career. Throughout my career I advocated for families by dealing                                                                   with; injustices from domestic violence, poverty and sexual abuse, then realized                                                                       women and children were suffering now more than ever. I had a revelation; it will take supernatural occurrences; miracles… to save the female gender. Throughout my career, like so many others, I chipped away at “making a difference.” Seven years ago, I took a leap of faith to create stories to screen as my full-time endeavor.

      Lydia's League of Angels stories were written to create a work of living art that sheds light on dark subjects, sex crimes against women and children. By weaving in the wonder of God’s love, angels, demons, miracles, love stories, and real stories amongst fiction, these themes become palatable. While sex crimes are horrific; predators are pursued but acts of such crimes are not portrayed in the book, and would not be on the screen.

      I'm a strong believer that entertainment can raise spiritual and social consciousness, create awareness and advocate change for the better.

      The Lydia's League of Angels Series is compiled of; my personal life experiences, historical events, along with my visions, hopes and dreams regarding the status of women and children.

       The fiction series demonstrates young women's capacity to accomplish great things, explore relationships between God, men and women, elaborate on justices and injustices relevant to crimes against the female gender and expand on the duties and influences of angels and demons in their celestial world and walking among us. 

      I believe audiences and readers will fall in love with the characters. They will make you laugh, cry, cheer and believe.

      As the stories unfolded, I completed two novels featuring Lula Sophia. She jump starts the 100 years of 4 heroines as her journey begins in 1960. It is wonderful to see the excitement and positive feedback from readers. I continue to concentrate on completing the three additional novels in the series PLUS focusing on feature films and TV writing. 

      If you are interested in the novels please contact me to receive a signed novel or purchase from Amazon or request from any bookstore to order.

      I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Best Regards,


S.G. Savage

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